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If you have any queries, please contact Ms Carine Yip (STU Membership Department) at 62993936.


1. I am a STU member and have just have been promoted to the post of Vice Principal. A friend told me that now I belong to the General Branch (GB) of STU, what is the difference?

As a GB member of STU, you are eligible for social, recreational and professional benefits provided by STU.

The only difference between the Ordinary and General Branch members is that we cannot represent the latter in matters related to terms and conditions of service. We can only offer you advice on these matters.

2. What benefits does STU membership offers?

For a detailed listing of STU membership benefits, please look up the section on Membership Benefits.

3. I am a trainee teacher taking the PGDE programme in NIE. Can I join the STU? If yes, how much do I have to pay?

Yes, trainee teachers (employed by MOE) studying in NIE are eligible for STU membership.

At present, we process applications by NIE trainee teachers (employed by MOE) as category ii applicants. As such, the one-off entrance fee is S$10.00 and the monthly Union subscription is S$9.00.

The one-off entrance fee and monthly subscription will be deducted via GIRO.

Online registration.

Click here to register.

Complete them and mail them to us, so that we can process your membership.

The above information is correct at the time of posting.

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