Singapore Teachers' Union

Protecting and Promoting, Teachers and Teaching since 1946

About Us

The Singapore Teachers’ Union (STU) is the largest teachers’ organisation in Singapore and we have been around since 1946. Many decades have passed since then but our spirit and vigour to protect the interests of all education officers never wavered. A union with a fine tradition, STU has a colourful history behind its struggle in providing teachers with improvements in salaries and conditions of work. Not surprisingly, our strength has grown to include more than 14 000 teachers in Singapore.

Championing professionalism and the needs of teachers, STU provides assistance in dealing with work-related problems and valuable advice on terms and conditions of service. From these services rendered, STU not only provides moral support for our members, we also guide them towards making the right and responsible decisions. Believing strongly in a tripartite relationship between the government, trade union and the employer, STU does its best to provide solution for our members through collaboration, cooperation and dialogue.

STU also organises various workshops, courses and seminars to help teachers develop professionally. We believe in helping our members keep abreast with the latest developments in teaching pedagogy and methods.


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