Delegates' Handbook 2018/19

In this issue:

Delegates’ Handbook
STU Objectives

Promote good industrial relations and resolve workplace issues amongst members and relevant educational and employing authorities

Delegates’ Handbook
From The General Secretary’s Desk

I would like to congratulate you on your election/appointment as an STU Delegate. It is an honour and a privilege...

Delegates’ Handbook
Roles And Responsibilities Of STU Delegates – Voice And Representation

The Delegates’ Conference is the supreme authority of the STU. The National Delegates’ Conference (NDC) is held once in four...

Delegates’ Handbook
Roles And Responsibilities Of STU Delegates – Membership Recruitment And Engagement

Delegates are the face of STU in schools/MOE branches and play an important role in welcoming new members to STU.

Delegates’ Handbook
Frequently Asked Questions On Membership Matters

Who can join STU? Education Officers, Allied Educators (Teaching & Learning), Direct-Hire Teachers of independent schools and government-aided schools, MOE...

Delegates’ Handbook
Workplace Matters (Industrial Relations-IR)

STU stands ready to offer workplace advice and representation to members. STU handles an average of 1,200 cases a year....

Delegates’ Handbook
Teacher Wellness (TW)

Teacher Wellness is a key agenda driven by STU to promote the holistic wellbeing of teachers. STU provides free professional...

Delegates’ Handbook
Having U Be A Part Of Us

Four simple reasons to encourage your colleagues to become STU members: Protection - Our Industrial Relations officers are professionals in...

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