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Exchange of 2nd Semestral Exam Papers – 2017


Singapore Teachers’ Union is pleased to inform you of our annual exchange of papers programme.

Our intent has always been to assist our members to build up a good item bank of questions for English, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue for P4, PS and P6 levels through the exchange of the SA examination papers with other schools.

All exam papers, together with the answers, are to be submitted in PDF format. To ensure that the papers are grouped together when sorted, each PDF file should strictlybe entitled thus: School_Semester_Subject_Level.pdf (eg ABPS_SA2_Science_P4.pdf) according to the subject and level. Schools may participate in all the levels and subjects mentioned above. They need to send their files to (outreach@stu.org.sg).     Passwords would be issued only to the HOD in charge of the exchange when the exchange is ready. They will be able to download the exam papers from our Website (http://www.stu.org.sg).

HODs of participating schools should email the attached Reply Form by 24 October 2017 to STU followed by emailing the soft copy of the SA2 papers (PDF format only) by 14 November2017 at the latest. Late submission of the Reply Form and the examinationpapers may not be accepted as we need time to work on the exchange.

We will acknowledge receipt of the Reply Form and the soft copy of the exam papers.

If you have any queries regarding the exchange, please contact Ms Shakinah at 6299 3936 or email to

(outreach@stu.org.sg). Thank you.