UniSIM-STU Sponsorship (July 2017 Intake)

Committed to the promotion of lifelong learning, SIM University (UniSIM) offers a variety of sponsorships to new as well as existing students pursuing their studies in UniSIM.

The UniSIM-STU Sponsorship scheme aims to provide suitable candidates with the opportunity to enroll in undergraduate programmes with UniSIM and develop skills for life.

Who is Eligible?

Application for the UniSIM-STU Sponsorship is open to all Singapore Teachers’ Union members. You should be a Singapore citizen or permanent resident with impressive academic and co-curricular activities records, strong language skills, and demonstrable leadership qualities. You must also not already be a degree holder.
New students must meet the admission requirements for the programme of study applied for at UniSIM. They must separately seek admission to the programme and must be accepted for admission before being considered for the sponsorship.

Application is Open

Application period for July Semester : 02 Jan 2017 to 30 September 2017
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