Twin Hearts Meditation & Energy Intro

Wellness Program

towards an increased level of health, happiness and peace
A program for Teachers by a Teacher*

Work-Life Harmony

Desirable but elusive

Goals & Objectives

* Increase awareness on: Managing life challenges, @work and @home through “Twin Heart Meditation”

* Introduce New knowledge on: Complementary modality to handle health issues and Energy Transformation through Energy Therapy.

Towards increased levels of health, happiness and peace

Benefits to the teachers

Increased energy levels
Recharged body & mind
Reduced fatigue & physical pains
Improved sleep & relaxation
Harmonious work relationship
Mental clarity & focus
Better health and emotional well-being

Dates: 9 Nov, 12 Nov and 16 Nov
Venue: Singapore Teachers’ Union
Time: 6.00pm – 8.00pm
Facilitator: Ms Lynn Lim* (Tampines North Primary School)

STU Member: $10 per session (dinner provided)
Non-STU Member: $27 per session (dinner provided)

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